About Us

UpTown B’n’B guest house and bed and breakfast is a modern structure in which you can enjoy a cultural weekend, spend the night during a business trip, book the whole apartment for your family and choose what you want for breakfast and when you want it. It is a new kind of holiday, a 100% customizable experience that you can shape on your needs and wishes.
We don’t want to be just another Bed and Breakfast in the Upper Town, we want to share a new way of sensing the world from a different point of view, within an industry bound to become increasingly strategic in the economy of this country.
This place sprouted from the idea that you can make your own job, when the society does not want to give it to you. It originates from the thought that you can carry out a project without making compromises of any kind. UpTown grows from the idea that having fantastic holidays doesn’t mean spending money, but spending time exploring new places and meeting new people that can enrich your life.
The concept on which UpTown B’n’B is based upon is that such a virtuous network can help saving money and resources, and it respects the enviroment, giving a second life to recycled and used materials.
Our structure is mainly based on the quality / price ratio and a sustainable balance of our business: we believe in the ecological philosophy of furniture and we offer our guests a wide choice of breakfasts that they can choose in advance, in this way they can have fresh products and avoid food waste.
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What is the eco-friendly furniture?

In order to be “green”, design must consider several features such as: the emission of VOC (Volatile organic compounds), the energy consumption in producing / delivering them, the quantity of recycled / recyclable, the place where it is produced, etc. Nothing on the market have a “stamp” that grants these features. There are famous brands that can assure one, but not all of them at once. Among the multitude of “green” brands on the market, however, there is no doubt that there are some better than others from the ecological point of view, but they’re even more expensive.
The qualities of wood have been known for ages, auch as the beauty of the pattern and the sense of warmth and calm when you touch it. On the other hand, when wooden forniture is made on a industrial scale, using technologies and chemical materials that may pollute, the result is something that may be dangerous for our health and difficult to recycle when not used anymore. In addition, the wood largely comes from deforestation (the main cause of climate change on the planet) and dangerous chemicals, such as formaldehyde, solvents and varnishes containing lead, are used in processing it.
Our decision to produce eco-friendly furniture was born from the desire to change this modus operandi and the wish to bring back to life ancient techniques of our tradition. This is our contribution to the preservation of our Earth.

  • We have used certified European timber, heat treated according to ISPM-15, stamped with the code assignment PL 12-544
  • In making furniture we preferred joints to minimize the use of glue and we used only water based paints and stainers.

The eco-friendly furniture is not mass produced, but custom-designed to furnish the entire hotel: the breakfast area, the relax area, the bedroom with futon bases, the wooden beds, the wardrobes, the wall units, the children bedroom and anything else you may need during your stay.
The furniture that we offer is the result of a bio-ecological thought, and it respect the taste and the ergonomic features of traditional furniture.