Bergamo History

Bergamo is a city that has two centers, High Bergamo or The Upper Town and the Low Bergamo.
High Bergamo is an old medieval town surrounded by walls built in the sixteenth century during the Venetian rule and which remain intact today. Located in the beautiful medieval town of High Bergamo, the UpTown Bed and Breakfast stands in front of the funicular station and as well as offering a convenient location for travelers who can reach Low Bergamo in a few minutes with a stunning view of the hills.
The entrance to the Bed and Breakfast from Piazza Luigi Angelini presents the beautiful sixteenth-century tower with a sundial now modern and allows you to reach the old town square, the main monuments and the Corsarola in a few steps.
Old Town Square is the heart of the oldest city, is “one of the most beautiful squares in the world”, as Le Corbusier wrote after seeing her at sunset.
Formed following the demolition of houses and shops , is a medieval renaissance space with a central fountain donated in 1780 by the mayor Contarini. The sides includes historic buildings such as the Palazzo del Podestà, the Palazzo della Ragione, which dates back to the twelfth century but was rebuilt in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries with the lion of St. Mark , reflecting the domination of Venice. On all stands the imposing medieval tower of the City that even today, at 10 pm , has taken its toll 100 strokes , reminiscent of when the city gates were closed .
All the streets have kept intact its medieval flavor with fascinating buildings and arched portals , which originally housed the old artisan workshops and for every tourist will be a pleasure to get lost in this maze of old streets that all sooner or later will take you to the main road and the UpTown B’n’B.