Booking Page

How does our online booking plugin works?

Our booking plugin it’s very simple and easy, similar to the one used for booking flight of the most well-known online companies or online ticket store: look, choose and pay. The procedure is very quick and completely clear.

  1. Select the day of arrival to B’n’B.
  2. Select the day of departure from B’n’B.
  3. Start the checkout process, insert personal data, and go to the PayPal page.
  4. Signing up for a free PayPal account is required (if you do not already have one).
  5. After the payment use the message box to communicate three things: The color of the room you chose, The Kind of Breakfast you want, and the Breakfast time.
  6. Your room is booked as well as your breakfast. In case of problems with room availability and / or breakfast choice, you will be contacted via email within 24 H.
Enjoy your stay and thank you for choosing us!

Why paying in advance?

UpTown B’n’B is a brand new structure that tries to plan the offered service at its best.
having economic resources right away, will help us with the organization and the management of the structure from both the economical and buroctatic point of view.
In this way we can dedicate more time and energy in providing you the best quality and in constantly improving the structure, following your feedbacks.